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Purdy's Christmas & Easter Chocolates

A true family favorite! Stuff your stockings & easter baskets with Purdy's amazing selection of chocolates, candies, brittles & even hot chocolate.

Coming soon for the holidays!

IGA Card1.jpeg

Reloadable Gift Cards

When you use your IGA card, 4% from every dollar reloaded is donated to our school!  Simply load your card at any check-out counter at all 40+ BC Market Place IGA stores using any means of payment, including your favorite credit card to collect points or miles.  You can re-load between $10 to $500 each time, then use your card to purchase your groceries.  It doesn’t cost you anything and raises money for the school at the same time! 



Holiday Wreaths & Poinsettias

An annual tradition; our flower and holiday wreath sales are a fantastic way to gift give, decorate for the holidays and support your school!

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Cedar Grove Spirit Wear

Shop the Cedar Grove Elementary Online Apparel Store for a wide selection of clothing, sportswear, gear, merchandise and accessories. The apparel store is open year round; order at anytime with no minimum order requirements and purchases will be shipped directly to you home.  Show your pride, spirit and support by wearing your Cedar Grove Elementary gear!

Fundraising is vital to the ongoing growth of the Cedar Grove Elementary School and provides a wonderful opportunity for community building.  Fundraising provides our school with the financial means to acquire and/or upgrade equipment, supplies, material and programs beyond normal assistance covered by the District and Province. The additional funds are an investment in our school to enhance programs, policies, and activities; and to provide a better learning environment for our children.

The PAC is proud to support our school and is immensely grateful to all the families for their generous donations and the volunteers who put in the time to implement the programs.

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